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Alex blamed the violence on the stress of dealing with his family. I couldn’t call my mother; I knew had to do this on my own. Even if I did call her and she told me that I could stay with her, I could never let her see me like this. With my hand in my pocket fumbling the money the doctor had given me, I thought of staying at a hotel overnight. But I knew I would young boy gay webring free gallery to save the money for food and clothes. It looked like I would be gay boy gallery outside in the cold and rain;When Dennis got out of the hospital, sex was the last thing on his mind. But, at any sign of hesitation, Alex would act insulted and become forceful. “We would get into bed with him raring to go and me just wanting a warm place to hide. The less interested I was in his physical desires, the more mad and more insistent he became.” One night, after Dennis told Alex that nude gay little boy porn gallery wanted to be left alone, Alex pinned him down and repeatedly punched him, rupturing his spleen. Dennis spent another two weeks in the hospital, and his spleen was removed. I was homeless. All my dreams were coming to an end and I would need to leave behind everything I had worked so hard to accomplish.

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You have Matt and Corey, whereas I really only gay boy gallery you. Yeah, Corey and I are pretty tight, but he’s got Matt fine ass.I went back to “Adam” and over the course of the next five years I fell in love with him. He had stopped drinking and became a totally different man. He never laid a hand on me during that time. We also both became very successful. We opened up a small antique store, bought and renovated an 8-unit apartment building, and eventually we even bought a 10-acre farm together. I felt like I had everything I had ever dreamed of by young boy gay webring free gallery time I was 24 years old. There’s a big part of me that wants to see how things work out between Andrea and me. She’s amazing.I was 17 when “Adam” first hit me.Four months into the relationship, Alex was supposed to join Dennis at a 4th of July barbecue. When Alex finally arrived it was after 5 o’clock, and he was very irritable. Dennis mentioned that it was too late to go to the barbecue and Alex grew angry and violent. Alex slapped Dennis and pushed him over a chair. Just nude gay little boy porn gallery suddenly as the violence had started, it stopped.Gary grew up in Massachusetts, one of seven brothers. His brothers were into drugs, guns, violence and crime. He had been clean and sober for 3 months when we met. He was very honest about his history and his desire to escape his current way of life.

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He wanted to allow himself to be gay, but oppressed this desire because he had been taught that gay people could not be happy. Alex apologized, fixed dinner, and served it to Dennis in bed. When I came home from school one day he was angry that I had been gay boy gallery out with a male classmate after school. He walked right up to me and picked me up by young boy gay webring free gallery throat so that my feet literally dangled in the air.He then threw me into the corner of the room. He yelled and swore at me, telling me to never hang around with anyone that he didn’t know. He kicked me several times as I just curled my body in the corner of the room, crying, begging for him to stop.I ignored him as best as I could and decided to take our dog for a walk to avoid an argument. I knew that between the pressure of keeping the house and the business together and his abuse, I had had enough.A little over a year into the relationship, Gary started using drugs again. He would try to hide it and that began the unraveling of the trust between us. Over four months, our relationship nude gay little boy porn gallery deteriorated. Though there were still isolated times of joy, the relationship became a source of constant emotional pain. In May, I tried to break up with Gary. When I told him I couldn’t see him anymore, he became hysterical.However, I was soon to learn more about Gary’s capacity for violence. He and a co-worker were having an ongoing confrontation.

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Gary threatened violence for a couple of weeks. Then, on a Sunday morning, after staying out all night drinking, Gary went over to the co-worker’s house, rang the bell, and greeted the co-worker as he opened the door by beating him with a club. Gary hurt the co-worker, but the co-worker was sober and soon dominated the fight. I met up with Gary – his face badly beaten, cut open, covered in blood – as he was preparing to go back and try gay boy gallery. This occasion set in my mind Gary’s potential for violence and his inclination towards it. His young boy gay webring free gallery now carried new weight. He threatened suicide and I believed him. I gave in although I knew I needed to get out of the relationship. When I arrived in Boston, I darted across the street in the driving rain to a pay phone, but I didn’t have anyone to call.Over the next few months, they nude gay little boy porn gallery as much time together as possible. Alex showed an increased interest in the relationship. During this period, Alex was sometimes violent when he was preparing to visit his family. He would slap Dennis, pin him down, or push him away. The violence would last for no more than a few minutes and would always conclude with an apology.

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I headed back to the house. No sooner did I enter, than “Adam” began yelling at me again.Later, I opened my eyes to a dark room. I had been beaten unconscious. I realized I had to escape. Rising to my knees, the bloodstains from my wounds remained on the floor. I crawled toward the front door and quietly pulled it open. As I reached for the screen door handle, “Adam” slammed the front door on my arm and pulled me back into the house. I continued to yell and run through the house, frantically trying to find a means of escape.I hurriedly put his boots back on him young boy gay webring free gallery a sweat shirt. As we were zipping up his jacket, he snapped for a third gay boy gallery, pinning me up against the wall. Again we went through the struggle. Eventually, I was able to get him to allow us to go outside. Once we got out the front door, I knew I was safe. In his wasted state, I could easily out run him. From the time I entered his apartment to this point, 3 1/2 hours had gone by. Over the next year, I struggled to find work.But when Dennis came home from the hospital he was greeted with flowers in the bedroom and all his favorite foods in the refrigerator. For several weeks Alex was very attentive to Dennis’ needs, running errands, doing the shopping, and cooking meals. With no education and no credible work experience, I had to start at the bottom. I was 27 years old and working dead end jobs with no real future.On Thanksgiving, Gary got very drunk. I helped nude gay little boy porn gallery into his apartment and he asked if I would spend the night. I said no. Would I take a shower with him? I said no. Would I just lay down with him for a moment on the bed? I said no. I wanted to get out of there so I set his alarm clock for work and started putting him to bed. We had gotten his boots off when he just snapped.

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